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The Small Station

Ngapuna was the first station past Middlemarch. This small station was originally named ‘Springs’ from the natural springs in the area. In 1910, the Māori name was adopted (puna, springs). It has historically been a small station with a shelter shed, loading bank and a stockyard. 


Early Middlemarch and Ngapuna developed with dairying as pastures developed and creameries were established. In 1911, an old school room was placed opposite the railway siding, drawn along on skids by a traction engine and reopened as Ngapuna School, which must have been exciting for the local children! Later the area’s main farm revenue came from lamb, beef and wool production.  


The station has changed little during its life and the station closed in 1979 with the site being cleared. The Otago Central Rail Trail Trust obtained the original station building and returned it to the site in 2011.

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