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George Francis outside the Lauder Store

Providing for the Community

Every town needs a good general store. Lauder Store provided for the community at Lauder Creek Crossing from 1886.


In recent years some of the plaster has been removed to expose the original 1900's sun-dried mud brick walls. The brick, made from mud and water, was used for building in Central Otago in the early 1900's due to the lack of timber in the area. These historic walls have now been sealed for protection.

Lauder store low res (3).jpeg

Store c 1940s,

The general store provided everything a community needed: groceries, clothes, supplies, and rural post delivery. On Friday nights in the 1960’s and 70’s, local man Pipe Naylor would offer haircuts. There would always be a flagon of beer while you waited for your cut and a little ash down the back your neck was given free of charge.


Mr WD Harley purchased the store in 1949 and his name is still seen on the store today.


A special memory for children was asking to see the penny tray. A tray filled with chocolate fish, licorice straps, chocolate frogs, cinnamon bars all for a penny each or three for a thruppence.


The store was an agent for many companies over the years and closed in 1994.

Wag the Dog

“On a Saturday morning, while picking up your local paper, a faithful dog Wag would wander over to the store, grab a loaf of bread and sit in the middle of the road and chomp on it. A while later, he would wander back to his owner who was sitting at the local pub.”

Local recollections

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