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     Explore the Otago Central Rail Trail like never before. Read the stories of how the Otago Central Rail Trail began, how Hyde became the town it is today and the site of the second biggest rail disaster in New Zealand's history.


Begin at the map below following the trail from Ngapuna to Hyde. Click the        symbol or "Catch the Train" above to read the stories.     

Our story begins in early Aotearoa, New Zealand, when the Otago Gold Rush spread to the Hyde Area which was known as Eight Mile...

Welcome to Rail Tales. A resource for teachers and students to enhance the learning before, during and after the Rail Trail experience. These resources are free for schools and educators to use within schools. All lessons and activities are based to the New Zealand Curriculum. 


Have your students look for these Rail Tales tickets for activities, reading, and questions. Some lessons and activities may need to be adapted to meet the individual needs of your students. 

Please note, there is some material on this site that some students may find disturbing, such as the Hyde Railway Disaster. Please make sure you read through the material to make sure it is suitable. 

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